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Photo Restoration

Do you have photos that are Faded, Ripped, or Creased?
Do you want them restored to nearly their original appearance?  
Allati photo restoration service can repair damaged pictures using a variety of digital techniques.

Giving new life to old photos. Expert restoration, retouching, and reprinting.

What ever the damage- wrinkled, torn, scratched, mildewed, even stuck to glass or frame, we have the tools and expertise to get the job done.

Starting with the highest quality scanning, we use the most advanced digital techniques to restore your photos to their former beauty. We treat Photographs lie the irreplaceable treasures they are.

Touch-ups, editing, and enhancing
Graphic design comes to the rescue for all your recent photographs as well:

Redeye removal
Add a missing person to your family portrait
Remove unwanted strangers or fire hydrants

MINOR RESTORATION is defined as follows ... the photo is in very good condition &
needs only a couple of minor adjustments, enhancements or repairs
   No more than 2 tiny scratches, dust or rust spots
Minor colour, saturation & contrast adjustments.

AVERAGE RESTORATION is defined as follows... the photo has minor damage, such as
Slight damage to faces, hands, hair, dress or background
A few hairline scratches, cracks, mould or rust spots
One or 2 small parts of the photo are missing
A small portion of the photo is crumpled due to water damage
A  small bit is missing after having stuck to glass in the frame frame (probably due to storage in a
damp basement)

MAJOR RESTORATION well be quoted depending on the amount of work involved ... the
photo has serious damage, such as
Missing moderate parts of faces or other major details of the photograph which need to be
replaced with bits of other old photos (which we have) for this specific purpose
Serious stains & fading
Numerous scratches & cracks
Severe damage of any kind, with missing, faded, yellowed or stained portions

Because photo restoration is very particularized it can be hard to give an exact
quote before seeing the actual photograph and extent of its damage. But we
promise to settle on a price before any work begins with no hidden or added

Call for a free restoration consultation: 905-646-8441
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